Transparency Made Easy with 5ire Explorer.

2 min readNov 12, 2022

The 5ire Explorer is a real-time multichain data sharing and transaction processing platform. This unique platform gives users access to 5ireChain transaction data within seconds — an innovation that improves and encourages transparency throughout our ecosystem.

How Does the 5ire Explorer Function?

A 5ire Explorer uses APIs and blockchain nodes to extract data from 5ireChain. This extraction process gives way to databases where we can view the extracted information in a searchable format — making it easy for those who use this resource because you’ll know exactly what block you want more information on before anything else.

For most people, a 5ireChain explorer allows searching and exploring data about the recent blocks or recent transactions on a 5ireChain network. Ideally, explorers provide real-time tracking of new blocks being mined and other information about each block. Using a centralized database that stores all blockchain data in a logical and organized format, an explorer can use node interfaces to retrieve any needed information from different parts of the chain.

We’ve already started merging pending pull requests, preparing for future development branches, and building infrastructure components to support the project. The discussions around Proof-of-5ire were also initiated: while there’s still no finalized decision yet, it’s still worth continuing these talks to achieve consensus finally. The backend of the 5ire Explorer comprises three major components, all of which are implemented on-chain.

  • A node pool: A process that launches and maintains various Testnet nodes. Through the use of sockets, other methods can interact and resolve requests.
  • A continuous mechanism of blockchain scanning monitors the blockchain for new blocks and collects data on all transactions, blocks, and addresses.
  • The Flask-based API is responsible for handling front-end queries.


Our 5ire Explorer allows users to access real-time data on blocks, transactions, validators, accounts, and other on-chain activity. 5ire promotes full transparency and traceability of your information, so you sleep peacefully. Furthermore, robust security is our priority at 5ire. In other words, 5ire is the solution to the blockchain trilemma of scalability, reliability, and decentralization.

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