5ire Partners with Rarible: Accelerating NFT Adoption in the 5ire Ecosystem

4 min readMar 26, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to the 5ire ecosystem with our partnership with Rarible, a leading NFT marketplace platform. This collaboration holds immense promise for both the 5ire ecosystem and the broader blockchain community, as we integrate Rarible’s NFT solutions to enhance the functionalities of 5ireChain.

What is Rarible?

Rarible is an NFT marketplace that connects content creators and buyers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without requiring users to have any prior coding skills. The experts developed the marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that transactions are safe and secure.

What is Rarible X?

RaribleX is a no-code solution that enables web2 & web3 projects to launch their own web3 marketplace for primary and secondary NFT sales. This product enables projects to accelerate GTM and offload the technical burden and responsibility of having to create and maintain an NFT marketplace themselves. Not to mention the legal and security risks associated with self-managing an NFT marketplace.

Technical Integration

Rarible will seamlessly integrate 5ireChain into its protocol as a supported EVM-compatible chain, thereby facilitating real-time access to the state of NFT ownership and provenance for DApps, wallets, and marketplaces operating on the 5ire ecosystem. This integration extends to the RaribleX level, enabling the deployment of white-label marketplaces for projects building on 5ireChain. With this integration, users will experience enhanced interoperability, security, and efficiency in managing NFTs within the 5ire ecosystem.


  • Integrate 5ireChain into Rarible protocol and add 5ireChain as a supported chain on the Rarible NFT SDK & NFT API
  • Integrate 5ireChain into the RaribleX codebase which would enable RaribleX usage for creators on 5ireChain

This stage will be particularly crucial in helping accelerate the success of creators/projects building on 5ireChain. The scope includes(but not limited to) the items below.

Rarible/5ireChain SDK

The Rarible SDK will help accelerate development on 5ireChain. By extending the SDK to support 5ireChain, Rarible will provide developers with tools for interacting with smart contracts, supporting NFT operations like minting, transferring, and burning, and integrating with multiple wallets.

Rarible Orderbook & Smart Contracts

Rarible’s smart contracts will be deployed to 5ireChain, granting access to our off-chain order book. Certain actions, such as canceling, confirming, updating, or when price changes occur, are on-chain, but orders are created off-chain.

Rarible Public API on 5ireChain

With the integration of 5ireChain, the API will offer extended support for these chains, allowing developers to easily access and interact with NFT data on 5ireChain.

Rarible/5ireChain Indexer

Rarible’s multichain indexer will be able to track and record NFT events on 5ireChain, providing developers with a comprehensive view of NFT activities on the 5ireChain network.

5ireChain integrated into RaribleX

We are glad that through this partnership with Rarible, we aim to enable projects within the 5ireChain ecosystem to effortlessly deploy custom marketplaces on RaribleX & 5ireChain. RaribleX’s no-code solution revolutionizes NFT sales and management, allowing projects to accelerate their go-to-market strategies while mitigating technical and legal risks.

With over 5,000 projects already benefiting from RaribleX, including industry giants like Mattel and McFarlane Toys, this integration opens doors to unparalleled growth opportunities and co-marketing support, strengthening our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the blockchain space.

Empowering Innovation

This collaboration opens up a world of opportunities for content creators, developers, and enterprises within the 5ire community. By leveraging Rarible’s user-friendly marketplace infrastructure, creators can easily tokenise their digital assets, including artwork, audio files, and more, thereby unlocking new revenue streams and reaching a global audience of NFT enthusiasts. Moreover, developers can harness the power of RaribleX to launch bespoke NFT marketplaces tailored to their specific needs, fostering innovation and creativity within the 5ire ecosystem.

Enhanced User Experience

With Rarible’s expertise in building world-class web3 marketplaces, users on the 5ireChain will benefit from a seamless and intuitive NFT trading experience. Whether buying, selling, or minting NFTs, participants can leverage Rarible’s robust infrastructure to access a wide range of digital assets securely. Additionally, integrating Rarible’s marketplace solutions will empower emerging and established brands to customize their user experience, driving engagement and loyalty among their audiences.

Future Outlook

As we look ahead, this partnership sets the stage for accelerated growth and adoption of NFTs within the 5ire ecosystem. With the imminent launch of the 5ireChain Mainnet in June 2024, coupled with the continued development of tools for onboarding governments and enterprises, we are poised to establish 5ireChain as a leading hub for sustainable blockchain innovation. By combining blockchain technology with a focus on sustainability and real-world impact, we are committed to driving positive change and creating value for all stakeholders involved.

Stay tuned for more updates.




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