Accelerating Real-World Adoption with BANTgo’s impact2earn Integration on 5ireChain

2 min readApr 16, 2024


At 5ire, we believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology to drive real-world impact. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with BANTgo, a startup leading the charge in revolutionizing the recycling industry through their impact2earn movement. Together, we’re embarking on a journey to leverage blockchain to scale BANTgo’s impactful platform, enhancing our ecosystem with a proven, innovative e-recycling solution.

What is BANTgo?

Think of it as the Uber for the recycling market. BANTgo offers a global map of recycling points for specific types of waste and chatbots that guide users to these locations (electronics, plastics, clothing, shoes, etc.), rewarding them with digital assets in the form of NFTs for their recycling efforts.

Each NFT contains impact2earn credits which are redeemable for coupons offered by our partners. Thus, these NFTs do not serve as an art objects but as a digital asset which contains valuable impact data and real-world purchasing power..

The goal of impact2earn is to encourage people to engage in waste separation because we generate 2 billion tons of waste annually (weighing as much as 13 million blue whales!) and only recycle 9%…

The rest ends up in landfills, oceans, or incinerated.

What does it mean?

1. Objective:

The objective is clear: To showcase 5irechain’s utility in environmental sustainability by integrating with BANTgo’s impact2earn platform. This collaboration aims to attract widespread user engagement and demonstrate 5ire’s potential in global green initiatives.

2. Timeline:

The integration process will unfold in two main stages over six months, ensuring a seamless transition and maximum effectiveness.

3. Key Actions:

The process will begin post-5ire mainnet launch by integrating with 5ire for chatbot NFT minting, followed by the launch of a ‘proof of recycle’ campaign. Additionally, the focus will be on onboarding users and partners, with a particular emphasis on eco-conscious communities.

4. Success Criteria:

Success will be defined by BANTgo’s seamless integration with 5irechain, positive user feedback on 5ire’s platform utility, and tangible impact on recycling rates and user engagement metrics.

5. Outcome:

The outcome of this collaboration will be the deployment of a full-fledged NFT marketplace on 5ire, accompanied by a detailed impact report, infographics, and user journey documentation showcasing the effectiveness of 5ireChain in real-world applications.

Join us on this journey as we harness the power of blockchain to make waste not wasted.

Stay tuned for more updates on the integration side!

Together, let’s make a difference, one blockchain transaction at a time.

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