Accessibility & CrossChain Environments of Blockchains.

The Digital Asset Protection Summit (DAPS) 2022 is being held this week on 28th April 2022. DAPS is a highly crucial event for tech enthusiasts as it delivers new insights into integrated cyber security. The aim of this summit is to extend cyber security protection by linking the strategy-based approach and security protocols.

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DAPS provides a much-needed change in the cybersecurity space by analyzing vulnerabilities. The summit is going to host an engaging conversation between investors and leading entrepreneurs in the digital security spaces. The summit attendees will have an excellent opportunity to expand their industry network and discover new skills. The top dynamic meeting provides insights on leading blockchain technology and crypto security experts, researchers, influencers, and technology in practice. Tickets for this summit are priced at $50 (explorer pass), $100 (learner pass), and $200 (master pass).

DAPS will provide an opportunity for potential attendants to discover the future of cyber security as we enter the new era of the metaverse. Some of the key topics in the summit will include security aspects for metaverse and virtual reality, the future of cyber security, ethical hacking, biometric security, cloud security, cybercrime and fraud management, and protection of digital assets. Potential attendants and speakers will include chief information security officers, chief risk officers, risk management leaders, and many others.

5irechain will also be represented at DAPS by one of its co-founders Vilma Mattila. Vilma is an experienced entrepreneur. Apart from 5ire, she has been the co-founder of Node Kapital, & UN1TY Ventures). She has 8 years of experience in Crypto. Vilma has Invested/Incubated in +68 Companies, including +4 Unicorns. At DAPS Summit 2022, Vilma will talk about Accessibility & CrossChain Environments of Blockchains.

Cross Chain Technology is an emerging technology that seeks to allow the transmission of value and information between different blockchain networks. The fact that the different blockchain networks operate in isolation has mostly made it difficult for people to enjoy the full benefits of ledger technology. Cross-chain technology seeks to solve all these issues by enabling interoperability between blockchains thus making it easy for them to communicate with one another and share information.

The cross-chain protocol ensures interoperability between blockchains. This also allows the exchange of value and information between various networks. Complemented with the benefits of public decentralized chains, such protocols can lay the foundation for blockchain mass adoption and use. Cross blockchain compatibility, allows different blockchains to communicate with one another without the help of intermediaries.

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