Empowering the next billion users with the fundamentals of blockchain: Partnership between 5ire and Sri Sri University

3 min readFeb 26, 2024

As India’s 105th unicorn, 5ire sets forth an audacious mission: to render blockchains sustainable and accessible for over one billion people by the year 2030. At the heart of this endeavor lies a commitment to an integrative and holistic approach, one that recognizes the imperative for balance among economic, social, and ecological dimensions.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of Art of Living (AOL) and a globally revered spiritual and humanitarian leader who has positively impacted an estimated 500 million people. AOL SSU (Sri Sri University) and 5ire have joined hands to build a comprehensive blockchain training and education program.5ire plans on rolling it out across all Art of Living affiliated universities. The curriculum, complemented by hackathons, aims to empower students to apply blockchain fundamentals to solve global challenges, fostering a culture of learning, leading, and serving.

Addressing the pressing issue of employability in India, 5ire proposes grants and scholarships for deserving candidates and projects. 5ire CEO Pratik Gauri highlights, “Grants and scholarships will be in the form of 5ire tokens (80%) and fiat (20%), providing a clear path to actionable learning.” This innovative approach not only supports education but also opens avenues for impactful projects to scale their services.

Further, students will have the opportunity to apply for jobs and internships at 5ire and its broad network of partner organizations. Blockchain is likely to be a major driver of employment. Less than 1% of the world knows about the technology so there is a massive scope to build an outcome-driven learning and employment program. That’s where this partnership has the potential to scale its impact.

In addition, there are advanced talks of creating an AOL DAO which will be built on the 5ire chain. Donations and transactions can be propelled via 5ire’s recently launched and massively successful token. Recognizing the challenge of collecting payments across currencies for various use cases, 5ire proposes a solution through its tech stack. By unifying and simplifying payments via 5ire tokens, the company aims to create a single point of payment, streamlining the experience for users and administrators alike. Co-founder Prateek Dwivedi envisions Art of Living as the pioneer community embracing sustainable blockchains, aligning seamlessly with its core objectives. He notes, “Users with 5ire tokens will have a deeper level of access and connections through a tiered program developed jointly by both parties concerned.”

This marks an important milestone toward the democratization of blockchains, catapulting an Indian university to the forefront of cutting-edge education and learning.

“Partnering with 5ire in this transformative initiative aligns seamlessly with our vision at Art of Living Sri Sri University. Empowering the next billion users with blockchain fundamentals is not just a technological leap but a step towards holistic education and societal transformation. Through this collaboration, we aim to instill values, foster innovation, and equip students with the skills needed to address global challenges. Together, we are building not just a curriculum but a pathway for students to become conscientious leaders and contributors to a sustainable world.” — Girish K, Art of Living




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