Getting it right: Testing 5ire’s API

3 min readJan 7, 2022


If you can’t read the entire article, here’s what founders, investors, developers, crypto enthusiasts, and the entire 5ire family can learn about our tech update 6:

API Testing is essential: We tested 5ire APIs today as part of our integration testing to determine if they meet expected performance, reliability, functionality, and security

Preliminary Tests for TPS: We carried out preliminary Tests for TPS using Test Suit on Test Nodes. At the end was the duration of test execution in milliseconds. The tests passed with a green checkmark. We are constantly testing to deliver a scalable and enjoyable experience for the 5irechain family.

EVM Pallet testing: We are pleased to announce our EVM pallet testing for testnet. The tech team is now working on testing the EVM-pallet into the node to prepare for a full-function testnet launch next year.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we implore you to read what our tech team has been doing for the past week.

API Testing

In an industry that never sleeps, never slumbers, testing innovations and development is important across all phases. API, an acronym for Application Programming Interface (API), is a set of tools, routines, protocols, and processes that communicate between two software applications or systems. Since it specifies how software components interact, testing becomes essential to simplify the abstraction of business logic and programming complexities.

For 5irechain, our API is the engine for all applications, and we are constantly testing to ensure systems and applications are without any errors or deviations. To achieve an operational framework without breakdown, routinely checking and testing the 5ire’s API collection is important. Apart from this, our tech team also considers the following reasons:

Testing APIs reduces the possibility of detecting defects at a later stage.

Because we are sustainability-focused and people-centered, our tech team is doing everything to remove all hurdles that could affect the 5irechain. This phase is significant before coupling the application UI with the 5ire ecosystem. We believe early API testing will fix all defects in the core coding and overall application development. While ensuring that our APIs are working without errors, testing will also guarantee reasonable inputs and ensure that our datasets won’t cause problems during coupling with application UI.

API testing ensures quality assurance

We have seen many blockchain-based platforms with iteration errors during cross-platform development. We want to avoid this at 5ire. We want to maintain data integrity by using the same set of APIs for different platforms on the 5irechain. So when we test this collection of APIs, we are also ensuring the integrity of business logic and enforcing uniform functionality across various platforms.

Testing Eliminates Security Concerns

API testing allows us to detect security loopholes at the early stage. After the test, we got some parameters that were used to mitigate against any likelihood of phishing attacks (Defi hacking is rising. We want to avoid this at 5ire). The test also revealed some performance checks to ascertain the timeframe to fetch data from the data table. If the performance check had failed, we would have needed to optimize the data collection and storage application.

EVM Pallet Testing for Testnet

We are pleased to announce our EVM pallet testing for testnet. The tech team is now working on testing the EVM-pallet into the node to prepare for a full-function testnet launch next year. Before deploying our contracts on testnet under dynamic conditions and for our participants to gain operational experience, testing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) pallet is essential. In addition, this also enables us to re-establish that smart contracts written in EVM chains such as Ethereum or Binance can also run on 5ireChain.

Notable updates also include:

- After testing the API packages in a sample node app, we added a testing network to the apps. Testing these packages ensures that the behavior of our APIs doesn’t change for the same input. We can simply run our tests to ascertain this behavior even for future updates. It also helps in discovering bugs in the developmental phase.

- designed the nested chain and its related protocol. This will minimize the processing burden and exponentially improve our scalability.

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