Getting Started with Testnet: Thunder (Alpha)

2 min readNov 30, 2022


For the past few months, our team at 5ire has been hard at work in building an all-around testnet experience. Amongst other essential features, EVM integration and interoperability have been our key focus areas.

What is a Testnet?

Testnet is a prelude to the Mainnet. It helps to test out new technologies without risking the stability of the main network. The main difference between the two is that the testnet runs on a separate chain and has its own rules, and free tokens are disbursed by a faucet.

What’s in it for you?

A Testnet is an experimental network where developers can test, create, or modify functionalities and monitor the blockchain network performance, without the need to purchase actual tokens. While building a new dApp on the blockchain, you expect it to handle the load of the transactions in your application. A testnet allows you to deploy and test your smart contracts as a dedicated testing environment.

Why 5ire Testnet?

Some of the unique features that set us apart from other testnet networks are:

  • 5ireChain Testnet cleverly features our Sustainable Proof of Stake algorithm. SPoS is a sustainable alternative to the traditional PoS consensus mechanism.
  • 5ireChain explorer, another Testnet available feature, provides real-time multi-chain 5ire data that is understandable and accessible.
  • The 5ire Wallet is a highly reliable crypto wallet (web app) that offers users an intuitive, all-in-one experience.

How to Participate in the Testnet?

We’re pleased to announce that Testnet: Thunder (Alpha) is open for governments and stakeholders. Here’s how you can participate in the testing:

  1. Applications are accepted only through a whitelist form, head to our website or click here.

2. Fill in the whitelist form to become a part of the eligibility survey.

3. Once you have sent in your application, it will go through a review process. If your application falls under the criteria, our team will contact you.

4. That’s it. You’ve done your part.

It is time to make sustainable development goals integrated with business processes and unleash a new era of building great businesses that also address some of the biggest challenges we face as a society.

We encourage you to be part of the movement and get a hands-on experience of building a new world step by step, intentionally.

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