International Women’s Day 2022: The Women of 5ire

2 min readMar 8, 2022

International Women’s Day (March 8) has been held every year since 1911, where it was supported by over a million people across Europe. It is now a truly global event, with women and advocates across the world joining together to advocate for women’s rights, gender equality, and equal representation.

Women occupy positions throughout our company here at 5ire. From our co-founder, CBO, and tech visionary Vilma Mattila, to our department head of Human Resources; from quality assurance specialists on our tech team to Twitter aficionados in our marketing department, we are proud to have a strong representation of women’s voices and talents in our growing company.

Mentoring and creating a supportive environment have been core to the success of women at 5ire. Vilma Mattila, CBO, and founder of 5ire say “I have been able to achieve the successes that I have because of the strong support and mentorship I’ve received. With clear guidance, I’ve learned to rely on my strengths and to identify, navigate, and break the biases and pushback that come with being a woman in technology. I encourage women in our team to also use their strengths, and by supporting each other and working together, we are creating a healthy, vibrant, and successful company.”

A recent survey conducted on women working in technology found that over 40% of the women respondents stated that lack of role models held them back from advancing in technology leadership, while an additional 36% cited little if any, targeted development to grow women’s leadership capabilities.

Surprisingly, the same survey found that men’s perceptions of what holds women in technology back differed significantly from women’s responses. While only 24% of women experienced a lack of technical expertise as the circumstance holding them back, a whopping 34% of men responding — the largest response group among the men by far — felt that women’s lack of technological expertise was what held them back from advancement.

“We create an open, trusting work environment at 5ire, where we can readily see each other’s strengths and abilities in the work sphere through multiple channels. I actively call out and address the positive impact of our coworkers during meetings, and I encourage all of our department heads to do the same. Men and women equally can support women’s advancement in technology.” says Mattila.

Here at 5ire, we’re actively committed to explicitly developing and advancing women in technology through role modeling and active support. International Women’s Day is a wonderful reminder to us all to keep that focus in mind, as we all benefit from a diverse and experienced knowledge base.

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