Meet Our New CTO — Lukasz Orlowski

2 min readDec 5, 2022

Young mind and exceptional talent; a perfect combination of brains and innovational spark. 5ireChain, the world’s first and leading sustainable layer-one blockchain, announced Lukasz Orlowski as the company’s Chief Technological Officer. The announcement comes as the company continues with its rapid global growth.

With 20 years of experience in Linux and 10+ years in software development and architecture, Lukasz has demonstrated excellent leadership skills. He is a passionate software engineer and computational scientist interested in large-scale computation software. Most recently, he held the position of VP of Engineering at Enjin. He was a driving force in creating a successful and growing product business. With a strong technological background and a solid understanding of the market, Lukasz has the vision and experience to lead 5ire as its CTO.

In the role, Lukasz will deliver 5ire’s innovative ESG-tech initiatives as more companies recognize the importance of a sustainable ecosystem in the blockchain industry. Further, Lukasz will help propel 5ire’s growth and engage stakeholders in ESG.

Lukasz’s inspirational leadership and record in driving innovation will take our world-leading platform to the next level.

About 5ire

5ire is an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem driven by various stakeholders and developers from all over the world. We work to foster widespread adoption of distributed ledger technology by combining it with sustainability and innovation — fueling what could be the fifth industrial revolution. With our Ethereum-based tokens, we are making tokenization safer, faster and cheaper while solving real societal problems, such as the lack of sustainable development & fair redistribution of wealth.

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