Tech Update April 24–30 2022

2 min readMay 5, 2022

Smart contracts are programs stored within 5ireChain that run when they see that given conditions have been met. Our engineers are integrating smart contracts on our claiming portal, including the buy/sell contract. One of the great features of 5ireChain is our no-code smart contracts. We not only encourage developers to build new systems on our sustainable blockchain, but we also wish to make it easier for an average user to utilize 5ireChain’s features without having to dive into all those deep, wonky, technical details. Hence our no-code contracts and smart contracts claiming portal.

We’re also making our UI more functional by integrating IPFS. IPFS, or InterPlanetary File System, is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that 5ireChain uses to provide file storage services. While other centralized cloud service providers offer similar services, 5ire is able to offer enhanced security and scalability via our decentralized 5ireChain. We’re also fine-tuning our data storage UI for accessibility. To make our offered services more robust and to provide average users with a great UX, our designers and architects examine all our UIs with the user experience in mind. Creating easy-to-use, feature-filled, and fun user experiences always remains our focus.

In that vein, Our W3D pages are becoming more responsive as we fine-tune the components. We’re proud to offer personal identification utilities like W3D domains and 5ire domains to our users. No needle or sewing machine is needed to stitch together your email, phone, and wallets; we’ve got you covered with our W3D domains.

Ready, Set, Action! We’re creating demo videos of our integrated pallets! Demo videos are a hybrid effort of our tech, content, and marketing teams to provide details on our systems for our users. We’re enjoying the process of explaining how to develop on 5ireChain for developers, and our investors appreciate the status check and visual details of what we’re accomplishing, and how quickly, too!

Whoosh! 5ireChain is redefining speed and scalability with bolting fast TPS. To keep tabs on just how speedy we can be, we’ve been adding features to enable runtime benchmarking in our pallets. See for yourself how efficient our level 1 blockchain and development tools are.

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