Tech Update May 1–7 2022

2 min readMay 12, 2022

We’re testing and documenting our feature that tracks on-chain runtime. 5ire supports cross-chain transactions — both the value and data from 5ireChain can be moved to other blockchains like Polkadot, Terra, Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Core. This feature requires a strong on-chain environment and the use of features like transaction pools and nested chains to manage facets of both on-chain and off-chain functionality. We are perfecting how transactions run on 5ireChain itself in order to provide the best cross-chain functionality.

Programmers are working on integrating our staking template and updating the withdrawal function. Staking is a crucial function to maintain liquidity in an automated market-maker environment. Our developers and architects ensure seamless integration between investment functions and withdrawal processes, and between the staking functions and redeeming processes. This clarifies the accounting between staked assets and asset withdrawals.

We’re developing the ideation, wireframing, and workflow of the data dashboard for a government customer. With our partnerships with various public and private stakeholders it is essential to understand the user experience governmental customers will have and to best represent the terms and functions that are used by such customers. The ideation, structural build, and workflow of our dashboard are ideally suited and custom-built for each branch of customers working with 5ire.

Our developers are integrating KYC registration on our claiming portal.

KYC has become an important part of trading on various platforms and our team is making sure to develop both the UI that impacts user experience. Our designers and engineers are taking special care in seamlessly integrating account functionality and the KYC process to ease your transition from an avid fan to a dedicated platform buff.

Our QA lead is regression testing our websites after our latest round of updates. Updates often mean bugs and we do a thorough sweep following every update to eradicate any mishaps an errant chunk of code could wreak over a well-functioning platform. Our QA team understands this and conducts repeated regression testing under varied circumstances to ensure the robust functioning of periodic updates to our platform.

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