Tech Update May 9–13 2022

2 min readMay 19, 2022

We’re converting Figma board elements into React components in preparation for announcing an upcoming event.

We love to use Figma to create reusable UI designs. Figma allows for fast iteration through projects and incremental improvements to the original idea without needing major design resources. Our challenge was that when it came to taking those designs to produce the handoff tools often failed to convert the designs seamlessly. Even easy projects became a headache to integrate manually. Adding Figma elements to React components has become an easy and quick solution, allowing us to keep using Figma while keeping our production process seamless.

Our website designers are updating our site elements to reflect recent design changes.

As 5ire, its community, and parts of its ecosystem grow and change, there is a constant need to make design changes to reflect the current state of our company on our web properties. We love using content integration tools and components to ease the struggle of combining various design technologies.

We’re working on a video about the 5ire Future Innovation Summit.

5ire won the Best Blockchain Startup of the Year Award at the Future Innovation Summit 2022. The award was presented at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai by the Prince of Sharjah, His Royal Highness, Sheikh Saqer bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, and His Excellency Adnan Al Narooni. We are extremely honored to receive this award and will work to maintain our reputation and this esteem.

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