3 min readMar 7, 2024

Tech Update: On the Road to 5ire Mainnet Launch — Progress and Upcoming Milestones

Dear 5ire Community,

As we forge ahead on our mission to blend blockchain with real-world impact and sustainability, we’re thrilled to update you on our progress and the exciting milestones that lie ahead.

February 24

Staking V1 Launched: We introduced 5ire Staking V1, a platform enabling token holders to earn handsome rewards while holding onto their tokens.

Wallet Extension Upgrade: Enhanced the wallet extension for improved user experience and security.

5ire Grants Program Initiated: Launched a $10 million grants program to support developers in creating impactful decentralised solutions to expand the 5ire ecosystem.

We’re also continuously enhancing the 5ire IDE, focusing on making it more accessible for developers by ensuring ease of deployment and integration of dApps on 5ireChain. We aim to empower more developers to bring their web3 innovations to life with greater efficiency and minimal barriers.

March 24

5ire Wallet for Firefox: Expanding accessibility with a new wallet extension for Firefox users, making the 5ire Wallet more accessible to a broader audience.

Staking V2: An upgrade to our staking mechanism, further optimizing energy efficiency and rewarding community participation. Enjoy more lock-in period options, auto adjusting APYs, the ability to see transaction history, and more.

April 24

Testnet Thunder: General Availability: A significant step towards ensuring a robust, scalable, and secure network, ready for real-world applications as we head closer to the launch of the 5ire mainnet.

Sustainability Score Service: A service that evaluates transactions based on their environmental impact, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

May 24

Whitepaper V2: Offering deeper insights into our technology and strategic vision, particularly highlighting our approach to RWA and DePIN.

5ireScan Explorer App: Enhancing network transparency and user engagement with a comprehensive blockchain explorer app.

June 24

Liquid Staking Platform: Introducing a flexible staking solution that doesn’t compromise liquidity or security.

The 5ire Mainnet Launch: The culmination of our efforts, launching a blockchain platform designed for sustainability, inclusivity, and real-world impact.
Introducing 5ireChain!

We are also working on developing an EVM based bridge facilitating interoperability and seamless integration with Ethereum-based applications, allowing developers to easily deploy their EVM-based dApps on the 5ire main network. A dedicated app for monitoring and promoting sustainable practices within the blockchain ecosystem is also something that is in the works for future. We will share more updates with you on this in further tech updates.

We are dedicated to creating an infrastructure that not only supports but thrives on the principles of sustainability, RWA and DePIN, ensuring that the benefits of blockchain technology are accessible and beneficial to all, not just a select few. Each feature we introduce and every milestone we achieve brings us closer to a world where blockchain is an integral part of solving today’s challenges — be it in finance, governance, supply chain, or sustainability.

Forward Together

As we continue on this exciting journey, your support and belief in our vision fuel our progress. The road to the mainnet launch is a shared journey, one where each milestone reflects our collective commitment to creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable blockchain ecosystem.

Stay tuned to 5ire’s social media for all the latest updates.


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