Tech Week in Review

2 min readOct 17, 2022

Our technical team at 5ire has worked hard for the past few weeks and continues to make significant progress in essential developments. Some critical activities that the team focused on this week included:

  • The test sheet for ESG calculation
  • Re-organization of the Nominator app,
  • And our website’s User Interface (UI).

Let’s take a look at what’s been brewing in the tech sphere this week:

Test Sheet for ESG Calculation.

For the 5ireChain community, actively working on climate change is essential. This week, our tech team has finished working on the test sheet for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) calculation.

There are various reasons why an organization must calculate an ESG score. The most essential is the significant rise across investment in ESG as investors are now looking for sustainable assets portfolios. A positive correlation exists between good performance on material ESG issues and a company’s financial performance. Institutional investors use ESG scores to identify if an organization will provide a good return on investment.

Re-organization of the Nominator App.

The team has completed re-organizing the Nominator app based on recent developments. From a technical point of view, nominators are token-holders contributing towards network security after economically backing their choice of validators through their tokens. Nominators also share part of their rewards earned through the validators in the set that they have nominated. It is essential to note that nominators are subjected to slashing for any potential misbehavior by the nominated validators. Apart from that, Nominators are indispensable in making the relay chain secure as they help select good validators.

Optimizing the Website UI for Conversion.

Our tech team has finished optimizing the website User Interface (UI) for conversion. At 5ire, we realize that a good UI is essential to fulfill user expectations and support the website’s functionality. A well-executed UI can help create interaction between the program, user, application, and machine through clean design, contrasting visuals, and responsiveness.

What’s Next?

As we near the testnet and TGE, our tech team will continue with day-to-day testing of all functionalities to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for the participants.

In addition, we will continue to test the applications and the libraries and do more chaos, regression, and negative impact testing to identify potential gaps that need fixing before the launch.

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