Tech Week In Review

2 min readOct 9, 2022

Our technical team has performed crucial activities in the last few days. We are pleased to report that we have significantly developed some critical technical areas.

The key activities included investigating sustainability ESG documents, User Interface (UI) for the Validator Application, and 5ire’s website redesign.

We are investigating sustainability ESG documents.

Probably the most important activity that our tech team worked on this week was investigating sustainability ESG documents. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores are designed to transparently and objectively measure a company’s relative ESG performance, commitment, and effectiveness across 10 main themes (emissions, environmental product innovation, human rights, shareholders, etc.) based on publicly-reported data.

The ESG scores help to reflect the underlying ESG data framework and a transparent, data-driven assessment of a company’s relative ESG performance, integrating and accounting for industry materiality and company size biases.

User Interface (UI) for the Validator Application.

Our team has also completed working on the User Interface (UI) for the Validator Application. From a technical point of view, a Blockchain Validator is responsible for verifying transactions in a blockchain. A participant can become a blockchain validator after running a full node. The main incentive to run a full node is that it ensures security. Blockchain Validators primarily comprise miners and mining pools responsible for running full nodes.

5ire’s website redesign.

Another one of the most crucial tasks that our tech team was working on was 5ire’s website redesign. At 5ire, we realize that a website redesign involves changing many other elements like the logo, graphics, etc., which significantly transform the website’s appearance and user experience. Moreover, an improved website redesign improves user experience (UX).

A redesign usually implies that a website’s visual appearance changes significantly. Branding and new visual identity pages are restructured UX-wise through a website redesign to incorporate changes. The functionality and core structure of the website is largely untouched.

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