Tech Week In Review

2 min readOct 24, 2022


At 5ire, we strive hard to bring you the best blockchain technology. This not only involves constant testing and developments in the tech sphere but ensuring that all this information is brought to you so that we can carry you along with us on this journey.

This week, our technical team continues to progress significantly in critical areas. Some of the essential activities that our tech team focused on this week included:

  • Working on the UI update for the EVM Explorer.
  • Testing all the features and functionalities of the 5ire Explorer Application.
  • Working on the wallet design for the EVM Explorer App.

Let’s analyze all these tech developments in detail.

Working on the UI update for the EVM Explorer.

Our tech team at 5ire is working on a User interface (UI) update for the EVM Explorer. It is a fact that having an engaging UI is pivotal for fulfilling user expectations. A good UI can facilitate interaction between the program, the user, the application, or the machine through clean design, contrasting visuals, and responsiveness.

Testing all the features and functionalities of the 5ire Explorer Application.

Our tech team continues testing all the functionalities and features of the 5ire Explorer Application. From a technical point of view, the 5ire Explorer is a tool for investigating and overviewing 5irechain health parameters in a contextual period. It allows users to access different transaction details on specific individual data blocks. On 5ire Explorer, the user’s input is words that can be searched. They are subsequently searched and sorted in a database table.

Working on the Wallet Design for the EVM Explorer App.

Our team has completed working on the wallet design for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The EVM is a virtual component contained in each Ethereum node. The EVM is essential for the Ethereum protocol and the Ethereum system’s consensus generator. It allows users to feed code in a particular ecosystem where the execution result is confirmed.

What’s Next?

We are just a few weeks away from the testnet launch. As a result, we are working on finalizing the testnet documentation which will be published on the website soon. In the future, you will see many fintech and sustainability-related products building on us

In terms of the testnet, some of the features that we are looking forward to launching are substrate chain with EVM compatibility and ESG integration, Inheritance Module, Reverse transactions, Cross-chain bridges, Interoperability, Nested chains etc.

We are building something foundational and want you all to come and build on us. That said, expect rewards for participating in the testnet — We are interested in your ideas.

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