Tech Week In Review

2 min readOct 1, 2022

Our team is working on UI-Improvements for the New Explorer Application.

5ire’s tech team is working on User interface (UI) improvements for the new explorer application. From a technical perspective, having an exemplary user interface is essential to fulfilling user expectations and supporting our site’s functionality. A well-executed user interface can help to facilitate effective interaction between the user and the program, application, or machine through contrasting visuals, clean design, and responsiveness.

Our team has completed regression testing bugs on cycle 3 for IDO claiming portal.

We have just completed regression testing bugs on cycle 3 for IDO claiming portal. It is essential to realize that software testing is not exhaustive and that testing shows the presence of bugs, not their absence. As a result, We cannot assume any software to be bug-free, no matter how much testing gets invested in it. Software testers need not only to find bugs but also the important ones that can have a significant impact. To build this criterion, our testing team focuses on providing the value that the software will give to stakeholders in a given context.

Our engineers are exploring how to run single-mode EVMOS best.

At 5ire, our engineers are evaluating different ways through which they can best run single-mode EVMOS. From a blockchain point of view, Evmos is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Hub on the Cosmos Network and is a decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchain. It is highly compatible and interoperable with Ethereum. Interoperability between blockchains was always a significant problem. As issues with Ethereum — such as high gas fees and slow transactions — persisted, developers began creating DApps and smart contracts based on other permissionless blockchains for providing transactions and lower gas fees. EVM-compatible blockchains have proven to be an easy way of solving this issue. At its core, EVMOS is an open-source library known as Ethermint, maintained by Tharsis, which anyone could use to enable EVM compatibility within a Cosmos chain. Evmos is the first of several EVM-compatible chains running in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Our team has completed working on Validator Application Research.

At 5ire, our research team has completed working on validator application research. A Blockchain Validator is responsible for verifying transactions in a blockchain. Any participant can become a blockchain validator by running a full node. However, the main incentive for running a full node is that it results in increasing security. Because it is an intangible incentive, the motivation may not be enough to prompt someone to run a full node. As a result, Blockchain Validators comprise mainly miners and mining pools responsible for running full nodes.

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