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2 min readNov 1, 2022

As we near the Testnet, there’s only one thing on everyone’s plate at 5ire — providing the community with a smooth and rewarding user experience.

That’s why our team is hard at work crafting a comprehensive reward program for the participants. We are cooking up multiple reward programs to incentivize not only developers who want to build on our platform but also members of the 5ire community who want to help us spread the thunder through the power of social media.

We are working on building a fair and highly incentivized roadmap comprising multiple schemes that aim to empower the developers’ community at large. One such program is the 5ire Developers’ Reward Program. The Developers’ Reward Program could be defined as a tool for blockchain developers to gain rewards for their contributions to the 5ire ecosystem. This program will provide developers with ample opportunities to earn incentives by developing and maintaining blockchain applications, referring developers who want to build on us, and much more. Moreover, it will be open to all developers.

But that’s not it! We also have a thorough incentivization program for all social media enthusiasts in the 5ire community. That said, keep a lookout for hints and clues about upcoming contests on our social media platforms. Multiple exciting opportunities are waiting for you!

What’s Next?

In 5ireChain, product efficiency and user experience are some of our topmost priorities. 5ire testnet will allow us to assess these factors. Moreover, we aim to empower prospective developers through various incentivized programs, including but not limited to gas fees, grants, etc.

We invite you to come forward, build on us, and take one step closer to building a sustainable future.

Stay tuned to Our Socials for Further Announcements.

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