Tech Week in Review

2 min readJul 23, 2022

We’re adding a transaction history feature for 5ireChain admins and users.

It is critical for the security of the network and for building users’ trust that we have accurate information about transactions conducted on 5ireChain. Thus our developers, designers, and engineers have added a history feature for admins and users to access to get accurate information on what trades were transacted and when. Transparency is one of the most important tools we have for building trust, especially among users new to blockchain technology. We are committed to creating an open and accessible system and to increasing blockchain adaptation worldwide.

Our engineers are designing a filter capability to drill down by staking ID and other


Validators and stakers are the lifeblood of any blockchain network. They not only provide the transactional viability, and throughput, but they also provide the liquidity for the whole system to be able to function and allow values to be transferred without unreasonable risk and the need for bookmakers.

We’ve updated our privacy terms and conditions pages across our websites.

User privacy and transactional opaqueness are very important for us and we take this seriously. Our terms and conditions describe how we go about ensuring that and shielding the privacy of our users when necessary.

Our quality assurance engineers are testing the user-side version of our claiming portal.

Our claiming portals are an essential part of token allocation and sales. It is critical that the users have both an easy-to-use UI, and equally a useful, and understandable user experience

We’re reviewing our data storage code and implementation.

We have successfully implemented IPFS decentralized storage and will be offering it to our clients for the most reliable, adaptable, and robust storage platform on a blockchain.

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