Tech Week in Review June 27 — July 1, 2022

2 min readJul 10, 2022

We’re fixing owner issues with a few of our smart contracts.

Smart contracts allow on-chain transactions to automatically occur given that certain conditions are met. Ownership and transferability of assets can be written in, and we’re investigating our smart contracts to make sure that any issues around ownership are transparent. Making blockchain accessible to new users is one of our primary goals, and ensuring a transparent and user-friendly process around asset ownership supports confidence in users new to our company and blockchain in general.

Our developers are gathering information on stablecoin requirements.

We are building 5ireChain to play well with others, including major coins and stablecoins. Stablecoins are known for their ability to withstand the ebbs and flows of the crypto market, as their values are tied to major world currencies. Providing clear information about the security of blockchain technology and the stability of use cases beyond cryptocurrency allows us to reach underserved markets and encourage the adaptation of blockchain technology by new users who may be best situated to benefit from the many applications of blockchain.

We’re integrating our smart contract addresses into npm modules.

Much of the current web runs on JavaScript, and npm modules are packages of JavaScript code that can be published to the npm registry, the center of JavaScipt code sharing. We love open-source code and believe that shared knowledge and transparency are the best ways forward for our goal of improving the lives of all people through accessibility to blockchain technology and adherence to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

We’re translating our developer support documentation into Vietnamese.

As an organization composed of employees across the world, we are savvy about the need to create documentation in multiple languages. We are committed to creating an open and accessible platform for users and developers worldwide and recognize that an open, focused welcome is often more meaningful than a general ‘hello.’ We are translating our documentation into a variety of languages, starting with the ones that our developers speak.

We’re converting our substrate validator set pallet to Rust.

Validators are the core of any blockchain, as they take on the role of approving and accepting transactions, paving the way for creating blocks. Rust is one of the primary programming languages used in blockchain development, and we rely on it to create a robust and secure infrastructure for our validators to operate in. Using industry-standard tools and having transparent methods are two ways that we can assure new adopters that blockchain is secure and reliable.

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