Tech Week in Review — Portal Test Cases, Stablecoin & More!

3 min readJul 28, 2022


Our developers are working on our claiming portal test cases, including staking and unstaking.

The claiming portal does a very important job of releasing and assigning tokens to buyers and investors. It is therefore critical that the tokens are assigned to or staked by the right parties and that credit for such actions is entirely and unfailingly accurately distributed. Our developers are testing and retesting these functions for their accurate execution in every scenario possible. Users new to blockchain technology require transparent, accurate, and trustworthy processes when considering blockchain adoption. As we seek to make blockchain available to a wide range of new users, we keep their needs for accountability and secure transactions at the forefront of our considerations while developing 5ireChain.

We’re researching stablecoin requirements.

It is necessary to introduce a stablecoin for any blockchain ecosystem that includes an exchange as well as a wallet. By introducing a stablecoin and pegging it to a fiat currency, ecosystems can ensure that fiat-currency-related transactions and swaps can be carried out with relative ease. We’re always looking for ways to make 5ireChain accessible and easy to adopt for a wide range of users, including those new to blockchain technology. Ease of transfer between fiat and blockchain currencies is a critical component of the ability of new users, whether they are individuals, governments, or privately-held companies, to engage with and adopt blockchain technology. Our researchers are finding the best combinations of factors to institute a stablecoin that not only provides the best value but ease of use in multiple situations.

Our quality assurance engineers are accessibility testing 5ireChain UI/UX.

Accessibility is a big part of any interface, for both general users and those with identified impairments such as limited vision. At 5ire, we are passionate about providing a platform that is accessible to every retinue of clients, from those that seek to use or develop upon our sustainable blockchain to those who seek to use other elements of the 5ire ecosystem. We are building every component of our ecosystem with ease of adaptation and accessibility in mind.

Our engineers and QA team are working together to finetune the staking flow on 5ireChain.

Staking is an essential element of any exchange or other financial platform where liquidity is needed. On 5ireChain, however, staking is also a reward system for the sustainable behavior of the validators and stakeholders. Our engineers therefore finetune and retest the staking flow and the system’s execution after every update.

We’ve completed support documentation for 5ireChain validators.

Validators are very important stakeholders in 5ireChain because their function is central to the smooth functioning of 5ireChain’s consensus algorithm: SPoS, Sustainable Proof of Stake. To that effort, we consider it prudent to produce well-supported and complete documentation packages to provide our prospective validators with a 360-degree view of 5ireChain, the system they will be validating upon.




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