Terms of Use Agreements — Do They Work for Blockchain?

3 min readAug 17, 2022

How many Terms of Use Agreements have you read while browsing various websites? A handful? Really? This author admits to reading less than before writing this article, thanks to never needing to write or edit the burdensome language generally associated with the same. The Terms of Use Agreement is a valuable and necessary tool for any professional website or agreement between technology users and suppliers.

Here at 5ire, we have recently reviewed and updated our Terms of Use Agreements.

Terms and User agreements sound so “anti-blockchain.” After all, blockchain was devised to be an egalitarian system with no central control. However, by clearly laying out the conditions of the relationship between parties in an agreement, Terms of Use Agreements support the blockchain ethos of a level playing field.

A Terms and Conditions Agreement, also called Terms of Service or a Terms of Use agreement, sets the conditions that users agree to to be allowed to use a website or piece of technology. For the 5ire ecosystem, users will come across these agreements on our website and individual components of 5ireChain.

How Terms of Use Helps Make Our Life Easier

A Terms and Conditions agreement is a contract between suppliers and users, establishing the rules and guidelines that all parties agree to and follow — this can be for using and accessing a website or providing services as part of the 5ireChain network.

For example, here at 5ire, we have included sections that outline guidelines for using 5ireChain, and what actions users can expect us to take if they abuse or go outside the conditions of the agreement. We also clearly state our responsibilities and the services we provide, agreeing on a clear document outlining mutual expectations.

This clarity is meant to prevent actions of abusive users, including spamming other users, posting defamatory content, or attempting to infect the website or 5ireChain with malware.

Our Terms and Conditions agreement also informs users that we are the owner of all content (in its entirety) and that international copyright laws protect the content we own.

Commonly referred to as the Intellectual Property clause, this paragraph discusses matters relating to original content, features, functionality, and protection by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

The Terms of Service page of 5ireChain includes an Intellectual Property clause that clearly explains 5ire’s ownership of the content. It also allows us to prevent abuse by suggesting that we could temporarily ban users. This Termination clause is a standard clause that Terms and Conditions agreements often include and informs users about the termination and ban of abusive accounts from using the service.

Terms and Conditions agreements also commonly include a warranty disclaimer that limits the website owner’s liability in case the content presented on the website contains errors. This clause notifies users that the owner can’t be held responsible for errors in the content submitted or for the information provided is accurate, complete, or suitable for any purpose.

Terms and Conditions agreements are an invaluable tool for clearly understanding the roles and responsibilities of technology providers and users and are, in fact, entirely in line with the blockchain ethos of accountability, fairness, and transparency. So, the next time you see that multi-paragraph long document or a pop-up asking if you agree to the terms and conditions, take a moment to reflect on the benefit provided by accountability and click “yes” with a happy heart.

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