Transformative Collaboration: 5ire and TCGA’s Impactful Partnership

2 min readDec 6, 2023


In a landmark move towards sustainability, innovation, and measurable impact, 5ire and The Climate Group Africa (TCGA) have joined forces in a visionary partnership. This collaboration signifies a commitment to leadership in UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Carbon, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) markets, with a unique focus on tangible and proven assets.

Project Overview: Decoding the Carbon Play

  • Deforestation Challenge: South Sudan’s forests are in peril, facing a 2% annual loss. The partnership addresses this, aiming to go beyond traditional solutions.
  • Proven Solution: Leveraging the REDD+ mechanism, the collaboration is set to create a transformative impact on carbon sequestration, providing an asset-backed foundation for the 5ire token.

TCGA’s Mandate and Current Progress:

  • Holistic Scope: Under the South Sudanese Ministry of Water’s mandate, TCGA is steering a comprehensive project to assess the feasibility of REDD+ implementation and execute sustainable initiatives for the Sudd wetland.
  • Proven Results: The project has achieved significant milestones, with the issuance confirmation of 5 million carbon credits by January 2024, with another issuance of 44 million by July 2024, and another 66 million by the end of December 2024, enhancing carbon sequestration year in and year out for the next 8 years with an optional extension for another 10 years.

Framework Collaboration: Integrating Sustainability into Blockchain

  • Visionary Goals: Beyond blockchain functionality, the collaboration aims to pioneer “offset microtransactions” within 5ire’s gas fees, creating a green “5ire Ecosystem.”
  • Synergy in Action: The partnership emphasises the synergy between TCGA’s carbon credit asset base and 5ire’s blockchain platform, creating a harmonious blend of technology and sustainability.

Carbon Marketplace Redefined:

  • Supply Chain Innovation: The partnership extends to supplying 5ire’s Carbon Marketplace with GRO Assets, injecting sustainability into trading practices.
  • Long-term Commitment: Beyond short-term gains, a commitment is made for the wholesale supply of premium carbon offsets, ensuring every 5ire platform user actively participates in global climate change efforts.

Global Impact Through Collaboration:

  • Community Engagement: The collaboration extends beyond boardroom strategies to joint marketing, PR, and event initiatives, linking 5ire to impactful GRO projects globally.
  • Awareness and Participation: The goal is to create awareness and actively involve the community in the sustainable development journey.


This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about impact, backed by tangible assets and a commitment to sustainability. As the project progresses, the collaboration between 5ire and TCGA sets a new standard for blockchain projects, emphasising a clear rationale for the 5ire token’s value. This is a transformative journey that goes beyond speculation, focusing on the provenance of assets and the tangible positive impact on SDGs.

Stay tuned for updates as 5ire and TCGA reshape the landscape of sustainable Web3 solutions, providing an investment opportunity rooted in real-world impact and innovation.




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